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Promoting Your Business

Get involved with the North Tampa Chamber of Commerce.

Our activities and committees generate business for our members! The best way to promote your business or organization is to attend networking functions, host a Chamber Chatter Connections, or serve on a Committee or on the Board of Directors.

Whenever you are actively involved, people see your name and your face. They get to know you and then they do business with you and recommend you to their friends. Not a member?  Join now!

Ah, visibility... Do Chamber members know about you and your business? Will they think of you the next time they need your services or products? Advertising is available to North Tampa Chamber MEMBERS ONLY unless otherwise noted.

Member online advertising -- Online advertising is a golden opportunity to "get the word out" and educate people; to get the information about the services/products you offer into the hands of every chamber member in addition to everybody that visits the NTCC website!  These ads are available to MEMBERS ONLY.  Not a member?  Join now!

The ads may be in full color or in black and white. You must provide a digital print ready ad copy in jpg or pdf format. Business cards can be scanned, but the results may be compromised. Ads will begin at the beginning of the month. If you need help in putting the ad together, that can be provided for an additional charge.

Online ads are available beginning at $25 per month for a business card size ad. Other ad sizes are available at the following monthly prices: quarter page $50, half page $100, full page $200. For 6 month commitment, you get one (1) month free (You pay for 5 months.), for 12 month commitment you get three (3) months free (You pay for 9 months.). The price will be the same for color and for black and white ads.

Contact the chamber office at 813-961-2420 or email for more information or to make arrangements for your ad. For your convenience, you can pay online by credit card.

View AdThe online ads will be connected to the Member Directory. An Icon "View Ad" will be placed in the member directory listing. A listing of all member ads is generated from the data base and will be available on the chamber website menu under "Member Information".

Homepage ads -- Prime advertising space is available on the North Tampa Chamber homepage. This is a great opportunity to get information about your product and/or service in front of everybody that visits the NTCC website! This is available for North Tampa Chamber MEMBERS ONLY. There will be a limited number of ad spaces available and they will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. All ads will be the same size and price. Ads will show for a limited time to allow for more members to take advantage of this advertising opportunity and to give the website a new, fresh look at all times.

The ad will be stationary and in full color unless you prefer a black and white ad. You must provide a digital logo in bmp, gif, jpg, pdf or png format or the business/ organization name in the color and font as you want it to be displayed. Space will allow room for a logo and/or business name only. The maximum size available for each homepage ad is 240 x 80 pixels (width by height). See the sample displayed here:
Sample Ad (240 x 80 pixels)
Should your ad copy be larger than these specifications, we reserve the right to resize your ad by 1) making the ad itself smaller, 2) by cropping, or 3) using a combination of the two. Ads will be placed online at the beginning of a specific month. A link will be provided from your ad to your business website.

There will be space for a maximum of five (5) ads on the homepage. You may choose to be on the waiting list for the next available space. The ad will be displayed for a period of 2 consecutive months only. You may renew your ad and it will be put on the waiting list for the next available space once a full month has passed.

Price is $100 for the two (2) month period. For your convenience and to reserve your space, you can pay online by credit card. Contact the chamber office at 813-961-2420 or email for more information or to make arrangements for your ad.

Directory advertising - The North Tampa Chamber publishes a hard copy membership directory bi-annually. The directory is printed bi-annually so the publication is in front of the members and guests for a period of 6 months. Advertising is available in the directory. Great for marketing! Your chance to let people know about your business or organization! Do not miss this opportunity to promote your business! Advertising is available to members and non-members.

In the directory Chamber members are listed by category with an alphabetical listing by member name for cross referencing. Members' contact information, member to member discounts, and business slogan is also listed in the directory.

The directory is printed in black and white and mailed to all members in addition to being distributed at meetings, selected local businesses, and included in chamber informational packages.

Advertising is available in a variety of sizes and prices for the printed directory. Advertising is accepted from Members and non-members, only the pricing is different.

NTCC Members

Business card: $50

Business card: $100

Vertical (2"w x 3.5"h) (192 x 336)
Horizontal (3.5"w x 2"h) (336 x 192)

1/4 page: $125 1/4 page: $200
Vertical (2-5/16"w x 6-3/8"h) (222 x 612)
Horizontal (4-7/8"w x 3-1/8"h) (468 x 300)
1/2 page: $225 1/2 page: $400
Vertical (4-7/8"w x 6-3/8"h) (468 x 612)
Horizontal (7-7/16"w x 4-1/4"h) (714 x 408)
Full page: $325 Full page: $600
Vertical (8"w x 10.78"h) (586 x 762.6)

For more business exposure, an insert can be included inside the directory at a cost of $75 for members or $125 for non-members. You must provide single-sheet copies, no larger than 8-1/2" x 11" (NOT folded). Already have an ad in the directory? Consider including an insert too! --- That way the reader has one that will stay in the hard copy directory for six months and one that can be removed and taken with them for easy reference especially convenient for coupons/certificates.

For additional exposure and recognition, there are many opportunities to sponsor activities and events and chamber promotions. Sponsorships are generally limited to members, but in a few instances non-members are permitted to participate in some levels of sponsorships in events such as golf tournaments, expos, banquets. Any events that allow non-member sponsorship will be indicated as such. Sponsorships are available for most special awards and activities (i.e. Law Enforcement of the Month, Student of the Month, charity programs). Members have the opportunities to sponsor promotional items for the Chamber (i.e. new member welcome packets). For specific sponsorship availability, please contact the chamber office at or 813-961-2420.

FREE ADVERTISING opportunities -- a membership benefit
Members may qualify for FREE advertising online by being the Business of the Month and by being interviewed for a Member Profile. All members have a free listing in the Chamber directory. Member to member discounts and the member slogan also provides an opportunity to get your service or product in front of more prospective business contacts. You can get even more exposure by providing promotional materials for the new member welcome packets and by utilizing the group email which provides the opportunity to communicate with other chamber members on a weekly basis. In addition, at the General Meetings and Networking Luncheons, attendees are encouraged to bring brochures and/or promotional items to place on the display table for others to view and pick up.

Become the Business of the Month
By attending the chamber's customary luncheon meetings, General Meeting on the 2nd Thursday and Networking Luncheons on the 3rd and 4th Thursdays of the month, chamber members have an opportunity to be the Business of the Month. The Business of the Month will be decided by Members simply participating in a business card drawing; drawings will alternate between the three meetings indicated. You will get a free ad online for the month indicated which includes your written article and your business card. This will remain online for a period of four (4) months. You will also have an opportunity to spotlight your business that same month at the meeting location where you were selected the Business of the Month. A great chance to let people know more about your business!

Member profiles
Member profiles are "People to People" articles that provide an in-depth way of getting to know your fellow Chamber members. This article will focus on the human side of the member for a glimpse into the passion and unique journey that reveals the how's and why's of getting into this particular type of business or organization. People do business with people that they know and trust and refer them to others. "Member profiles" is truly a "getting to know you" experience.

Member Directory
Free Directory listing on the website includes member contact information plus discounts offered to chamber members and the business slogan. This makes your membership accessible to web visitors, persons relocating, and those generally looking for information about the area. This information also appears in the bi-annual hard copy directory. The website directory listing also includes links to member website and email addresses.

View discountsMember to Member Discounts to chamber members
Free listing of Member to Member discounts in the bi-annual hard copy directory and online directory plus separate listing of Member to Member discounts accessible from almost every chamber website page.

Not only does this slogan indicate who you are and what you do, but it brings attention to your business with each word. The words in the slogan are connected to the search engine so your business will come up when someone does a search using one of those words.

Welcome New Member!New Member Welcome Packet
Chamber members only!!! Great opportunity to promote your business and the price is right! Every new member receives a welcome packet when they join the chamber. Inside the packet is chamber information. Have your information about your business or organization included in the packets. Provide us with information (i.e. promotional items, flyers, brochures, printed material, etc) to be included in our new member packets at no cost to you. The information must relate to your member business or organization or to an event your business is sponsoring. Please provide a minimum of 25 -50 copies. We will use the number you provide and notify you when we need more.

Group Email
Most of you are aware that one of the great benefits to being a North Tampa Chamber member is the group email. Some of you may still be wondering how to use this FREE member benefit -- NTCC Yahoo! Groups Email. Excellent way to keep in touch with other chamber members while promoting your business.

What is it? Are you a member? How do you use it? Why would you use it?

What is it? FREE MEMBER BENEFIT to Promote Your Business, Market your Product or Service, and share information with other chamber members.

If you want to let other Chamber members know who you are, what you do, and the services and/or products you have to offer them, take advantage of this FREE communication tool! You can also recognize those chamber members with whom you do business. SHOUT OUT to others letting them know about the Great Service or Product provided to you by a Chamber Member! The chamber encourages "members doing business with members." Share your experience.

Group email is one of the many benefits that the North Tampa Chamber provides for its members. In case you are not aware of exactly what the group email option involves, please let me explain. This is an opportunity to communicate with other North Tampa Chamber members via email on a weekly basis. You might find this a convenient way to promote sales or specials, send general information about your product or service, and much more. See more ideas below. This is available to members only and the email listing is not shared. In addition to sending out emails on a weekly basis, you will also receive emails from other members in the same manner.

Are you a member? NOT SURE? Most people joined the group by checking the box on the application form when joining the chamber. If you have been receiving emails with this, [northtampachamber], in the subject line; then you are a member. Easiest way to find out if you are a member is to try it. The system is email address sensitive so you must use the email address that is registered on the group to send and receive emails. If you are refused access, please let us know your name, member name, and email address and the reason for access denied.

You are not required to join this communication service, but you might find it very useful. You certainly may opt out of this service at any time should you decide it does not fit into your business schedule. As a member you will however continue receiving meeting/event information from the chamber office which is in no way connected to the group email.

There is no limit on how many of your employees can be included. Just provide names and email addresses to the chamber office at for any employee of your business/organization you would like included. This group is serviced by YahooGroups so in order for us to add you to the data base, we must first send you an email invitation that you will need to "accept". This is for YahooGroups records. You will be added once that "accept" is received.

Below you will find, in outline format, revised details and guidelines. If you have been using the group in the past, you will be pleased to know that many of the restrictions required by YahooGroups have been lifted. You may now include the following: Photos, Attachments, Images are now allowed, Plain text no longer required. Hopefully this will make your group email experience easier and more acceptable.

Details for use of the North Tampa Chamber group email are below.

Why should your business take advantage of this free advertising?

  • To promote a sale
  • To promote a service
  • To promote an event that you are hosting or sponsoring
  • To offer a special discount to other chamber members
  • To invite people to participate in activities
  • To announce a grand opening
  • To announce a ribbon cutting
  • To announce job openings
  • To announce your availability and qualifications
  • To share leads
  • To inform others of the exact nature of your business
  • To make general announcements concerning your business
  • To ask questions, that concern your business, of other chamber members
  • Any other communication that directly concerns your business
  • And don't forget Testimonials concerning business with other chamber members

How to use this FREE member benefit -- NTCC Yahoo! Groups Email.
It's easy and here's all you do.

  1. In your email program, bring up a new message.
  2. In the "To" box, type in the following address or add it to your address book.
  3. Type your "Subject" on the subject line.
  4. Type your message, and hit "Send."

That's all there is to it...simple as that!

Note: The subject line will include [northtampachamber] in addition to your typed subject so it is always easy to identify upon receipt.

Guidelines for participation in NTCC Yahoo! Groups Email program:

  • On any day or time of the week, members may send one message per business every seven days or once a week. If your business has multiple users, all are allowed to receive and send. It is your responsibility to coordinate the use by your employees.
  • Your messages must be directly related to your business. Please do NOT send out emails for other businesses even if they are chamber members.
  • You may include your business logo, text formatting such as centering, indentations, bullets or numbers, and various size and color of fonts.
  • You may include links for access to additional information on the subject material in the email and links to your website and email address.
  • Email address sensitive - Send your message from the same email address at which you receive group email messages (the system is sensitive as to who's sending and receiving). Access will be denied if your email address is not on the group list.
  • An email address that begins with anything generic that might indicate/imply another group CANNOT be used since it will not be recognized by Yahoo! Groups (i.e. some prefixes that are not accepted are "info@", "sales@", "email@" "group@", "business@" "news@, etc). Therefore, if any member has an address such as these, it will NOT be accepted. We will not know for certain that other similar email addresses will not be accepted until we attempt to input them. You will be notified if your email address is rejected by Yahoo! Groups. Please provide us with another address if you wish to be included in the group.
  • Jokes, political issues, religious issues, special events you are participating in (i.e. non-profit events, fundraisers, etc.) are NOT permitted. Exceptions to special events would be (a) if it is a part of what you do as a business; (b) if the chamber is participating, sponsoring or involved in some way in the event; or (c) if your business is a major sponsor of the event.
  • Personal opinions, personal causes, political endorsements, tickets for sale, personal fundraising efforts, somebody else's business, events sponsored by others are not appropriate in this venue. This is for information concerning the member business only.

  • Yahoo Groups has 3 Strict rules:
    1. Be a good citizen - Treat others with respect and report content that violates our Guidelines;
    2. Stay on topic - Keep your content relevant to the group and moderate it correctly;
    3. Follow the law - We'll take appropriate action if we find you breaking the law
  • Yahoo Groups! reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove any content they deem undesirable or inappropriate.
  • Yahoo Groups! reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate their service provided to the North Tampa Chamber immediately and without notice if (a) Yahoo! believes that we have acted inconsistently with the spirit or the letter of the Yahoo! Terms and/or Guidelines, or (b) Yahoo! believes we have violated or tried to violate the rights of others.
  • NTCC Board, Committees, Staff, and members promoting, sponsoring or hosting chamber events may have unlimited use of this group to send out messages about meetings and special events, to attain committee members, to seek volunteers, to announce special opportunities, to share urgent information between newsletter publications, and all other chamber business that needs to be communicated to the general membership.

Please, always include your name, not just the business name, and contact information on each email so others know who you are and how to reach you. Not only is it polite, but most people would rather call an individual than a business. It's nice to know who you are talking to... whether by phone or email. People are more likely to contact you if the information is easily available and they don't have to look it up.

If you are unsure whether your content is consistent with these policies, please err on the side of caution and do not post the questionable content OR contact the chamber office to clarify any rule in question.

If a member breaks the rules, he/she could be removed from participating in the NTCC Yahoo Groups! Email program.

To request changes of your group email status, add member email addresses or remove them, or file a report to voice concerns about the group email system or an abuse by another member, please contact Carol at the chamber office at or call 813-961-2420.

Please feel free to email or call (813-961-2420) if you have any questions or want more information or assistance.

Be sure to take advantage of this FREE communication tool provided for North Tampa Chamber members to promote your business and to send accolades to other chamber members!

Host a Chamber Chatter Connection (CCC)
The Chamber Chatter Connections is a member hosted event. The Chamber is the sponsor and as a sponsor, the chamber will promote the event through media announcements, emails, online on our website and several social media outlets. As the host, you provide us with a flyer that we can distribute at meetings and in our mailings. Please be aware that companies donating items will be recognized, but they cannot be considered a co-host unless they are a chamber member. You choose the time of day, either morning "Coffee Connection" or evening "After Hours Mixer". Most CCC's are around 1-1/2 to 2 hours. The "Coffee Connection" begins about 7:30am -- 9:00am and the "After Hours Mixer" around 5:30pm -- 7:00pm. The times may vary if the host or co-hosts prefer a slightly different beginning or ending time. If you do not specify a different time, we will automatically schedule for the times listed above.

We schedule at least two months in advance so we have sufficient time to promote the event. In order to get on the calendar for any given month, we just need a commitment for a date and time, an address, and the rsvp contact information. Dates are assigned on first come basis. All other details can be worked out later.

Don't have the space to host the event? NO PROBLEM! We will pair you with someone that does have the space and you can co-host. Or would you like to have a co-host to share responsibilities? We will find another member that would be interested.

Why should you consider hosting a Chamber Chatter Connections? Ask yourself: Are you proud of your Business? Do you want more people to know about it? Looking for a way to grow your business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this event may be for you.

Stimulate your Business -- Spotlight your product and/or service. Have people come to find out more about you and your business while giving them the opportunity to network with each other. Invite your customers, friends, business acquaintances, neighbors -- to an event hosted by you & sponsored by the North Tampa Chamber -- for the opportunity to share information and build business relationships.

You will need to provide the appropriate snacks and drinks for the time of day. Attendance depends on getting the word out. Preparing promotional flyers and providing information about your business that you want to highlight as quickly as possible gives the chamber more time to distribute the announcements that will encourage people to attend your event. These events are always open to the public and free to attendees. You need to inform your clientele and business associates by email, flyers, etc. Encourage them to consider donating an item for the drawing and let them know they will be acknowledged for their donation. It is a great opportunity for them to promote their business and gives us more items to give-a-way.

You will have the opportunity to talk about your business, explain what you do and how, or you might even want to provide a tour of your facility. This is YOUR time to get YOUR message across to other business owners. The chamber will handle check-in and provide you with copies of sign-in sheets and business cards that are deposited by attendees for the drawings.


Contact the chamber office at or 813-961-2420 to be added to the schedule.

Don't let this opportunity to market your business slip by! Chamber Members can only do business with other Chamber Members if they know who you are and what you do.

Business Development and NetworkingBusiness Development and Networking

The Chamber has a wide array of members whose expertise includes banking, art, accounting, computers, pets, law, public safety, recreation, consulting, medical alternatives and much more. Monthly networking events and intermittent Power Networking provide a platform to promote your business and distribute information.

You can facilitate one of these activities which will give you additional name recognition and face time with all the other attendees. Conduct an educational workshop or/seminar. Become a speaker or a greeter at the monthly General Meeting.

Have an idea? Contact the chamber office at or 813-961-2420 so we can discuss it further.

Be part of something special: the North Tampa Chamber of Commerce - where it pays to do business!
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