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The North Tampa Chamber of Commerce is the brightest spot in Tampa's future!

We have been serving local business interests since 1947, and look forward to many more years.

North Tampa is our community. Be it involvement with students, helping a Children's Home, recognizing our dedicated public safety officers, helping wounded military, event participation for a worthy cause, or promoting beautification of North Tampa; the Chamber offers its members the opportunity to give back to the community.

Involvement in community projects remains a high priority of the Chamber. Join us and help make our community a better place to live and thrive.

Making friends and building business relationships is at the heart of the chamber's activities.

By attending, hosting and sponsoring events, you have the opportunity to get to know and build relationships with others who reside and do business in the North Tampa area.

You can make acquaintances, meet interesting persons and open doors you may have never imagined.


We offer members a variety of advertising opportunities; links from our online directory; group email to communicate with Chamber members on a weekly basis; free distribution of promotional materials; member to member discounts and online advertising gives your business even more exposure.

Speakers at the monthly general meeting address topics of economic interest, social well being, business skills and other subjects of interest to members. As a member you could be one of those speakers.

Member Business of the Month is recognized monthly at the chamber's customary luncheon meetings, General Meeting on the 2nd Thursday and Networking Luncheons on the 3rd and 4th Thursdays of the month and has a free article posted online for four months.

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North Tampa
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Est. 1947

Mission Statement:
The North Tampa Chamber of Commerce is organized and dedicated to the enhancement of business, economic growth, tourism and education while promoting the positive image of North Tampa.

Be part of something special: the North Tampa Chamber of Commerce - where it pays to do business!
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Chamber of Commerce
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